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Our October 2022 Newsletter

In this issue

  • Storm Chasers

  • Auto Rates and Inflation

  • Halloween Party Hacks

Storm Chasers

Storms happen. We all have them, whether it's a late summer thunderstorm or a full-on hurricane. In some places, those storms cause secondary damage like fires or floods.

They also leave a different group in their wake: storm chasers. Storm chasers can be anyone who sees damaged homes or vehicles as a means to woo your business.

Keep these things in mind this storm season:

  • Agent to the Rescue — If you have damage, call your insurance agent!

  • Don't Assume — Trusting someone based on their card can get you into trouble. Vet them online, using trustworthy sources.

  • Investigate — Check out their website, Google reviews, and BBB rating.

  • Find Your Own — If you have doubts, find your own service for the work you need.

Don't let a terrible storm lead to a worse decision. Use your head and find the solution that is best for you.

Auto Rates and Inflation

The last time you looked at your auto insurance bill, it may have been a little surprising.

Many people are complaining about rising auto rates, and they have every right to be concerned.

But there are reasons this is happening, and they aren't because your agent is getting rich (trust me).

Keep these items in mind:

  • Parts - The price of auto parts are higher than ever, which can mean higher prices for you.

  • Transporation - From shipping to driving, moving can be expensive, adding to goods and labor costs.

  • Market Factors - With other costs increasing, the whole chain is more expensive, raising insurance rates everywhere.

Halloween Party Hacks

Who throws Halloween parties anymore? That's right, you do. Say it proudly!

As you know, Halloween festivities aren't just for kids or young adults. They can be an opportunity to delight in silly fun while showing off your rocking costume of choice.

Here are some tips to make this frightful season a scream:

  • Haunted Buffet - Be a kid again and dig your fingers into peeled grapes, cold spaghetti, and other tactile delicacies.

  • Gamify - Bob for apples, hold a costume contest, pin the tail on the monster - you get the idea.

  • Ghastly Tunes - Try listening to Monster Mash, Gothic Revival, or Silly Spooks, depending on your audience.

  • Mandatory Costumes - There's nothing like fake hair, masks, or a gross couple's costumes to set the mood.

Get in the spirit and have a ball. Preferably with jack-o-lanterns and blood-red punch. Trick or treat!

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