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Welcome to a whole new way of working!  This page is your one-stop resource for all your risk management needs, provided by Weaver Insurance Agency.


The Client Portal is designed to offer you time-saving tools and resources that build convenience into managing your everyday work tasks. Whether you want to find the latest legislative news, learn more about creating a wellness program or tap into industry peers to solve a tough HR issue, this is the place to be. It’s easily accessible, hardworking and just one of the many value-added services available to you when you partner with us.

Are you prepared for a business emergency?

  • Our library of business continuity articles, guides and plans will help you create a policy to prepare for various emergencies. Then, in the event that an emergency does occur, you’ll be ready to reduce your losses and ensure your business’s long-term success.

Do you have a recovery plan in place?

  • A business emergency can be crippling for any organization, and most businesses don’t have a formal emergency response plan in place to safeguard their futures. The team at Weaver Insurance Agency can guide you through the whole recovery process to help you minimize the loss of revenue and customers, maintain your public image and clarify the critical decisions to be made during a time of crisis.

Do your employees have the proper training in the event of a business interruption?

  • During a crisis, your employees should know how to protect your business and customers, who to contact and how to keep themselves safe. Our employee-facing resources will help your employees know the exact steps to take during an emergency.

succession planning.png

Taking the time to plan before an emergency strikes is essential to your long-term success. These continuity planning resources will walk you through all of the steps needed to prepare for an emergency and can help you take your business’s unique circumstances into account when planning for a worst-case scenario.

Business Succession Planning

Workplace Continuity Policy.png

This customizable workplace policy can help you form an emergency management group and set expectations for each employee’s role during an emergency or business interruption.

Workplace Continuity Policy

Check Lists Charts.png

An effective business continuity plan involves an in-depth risk exposure assessment. These forms can help you get a quick and clear idea of your business’s vulnerabilities and the key steps you need to take during an emergency.

Checklists, Charts & Questionnaires 

Employer Facing Articles.png

Staying well-informed on topics relating to business continuity is key to protecting your business. Use this library of employer-facing articles to stay updated on a wide variety of continuity topics and ensure your business’s continued success.

Employer Facing Articles

Workplace Continuity Policy.png

Your employees need to make safety a priority in order to protect both themselves and your business. You can help promote emergency preparedness with a variety of flyers, newsletters, guides and articles that will help keep health and safety top of mind.

Employee Safety Resources

employee cyber training manual.png

Your employees likely use email and mobile devices on the job, and the first line of defense against growing cyber threats is a well-trained workforce. Use our Employee Cyber Training Manuals to educate your workforce on common threats and mitigation techniques. These guides cover a range of topics, including communications, devices and best practices.

Employee Cyber Training


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