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Thankful for you!

This is the time of year to reflect and think about the year behind you and the year ahead. It's the time to stop and say thank you. At Weaver Insurance Agency we are thankful for the many opportunities we have to help our neighbors and friends alike.

We are truly thankful for all of the customers we have gained over the past 8 years and are very excited about the ones in the future. So, simply put, we just wanted to say "Thank you". Thank you for trusting in the Weaver Insurance team, thank you for being our customers.

Safe Travels to all that are on the road. Our office will be closed Wednesday - Friday this week.

All our best,

Jess, Mark & Paul


Just in case you are looking for some recipes (Jess loves to cook and enjoys learning new recipes) we have a link for you to try. Enjoy!

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