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Thank you! Celebrating our 7th Year!

On this day 2009, we opened our doors to the public. The newest insurance agency in town. We were not only new to town but we had an especially unique and difficult task of starting a scratch agency. If you are not aware what a scratch agency is, it is in simple terms "zero customers".

Thinking back, I must have been plain crazy! But I am happy I did it. It has not been easy, it has had many frustrations, late nights, missing family time... but I wouldn't change it for the world. My customers are what keep me going. They are a great bunch of people! We have built great friendships over the years and continue to do so day in and day out.

What is in store for the 8th year? We are expanding. Soon you will see another licensed agent in the office this fall. He has a background in ranching which will be his niche selling farm & ranch products. Our Life Insurance department is also expanding and becoming a strong hold! You will see a media release with each expansion. Our office space will also expand. We anticipate a winter project this year!

I always welcome thoughts of improvement, resumes of talent and other great input. Please stop in and say hello, and while you are at it, bring in your insurance policies for a complimentary insurance review.

Have a wonderful autumn season! Again, thank you for the support and friendships over the last 7 years!

Jessica Weaver, Agency Owner

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