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Importance of Disability Insurance for the Working Professionals

How many of you can count on one hand; friends, family and possibly co-workers that enjoy recreation? Snowmobiling, Dirt Bikes, ATV's, Boating, Skiing, etc? Mostly everyone has enjoyed the great outdoors sometime in their life.

While all fun, a person poses a risk of having an injury that puts them out of work. Whether you are the CEO of a large franchise, Sole Proprietor or Breadwinner of the family, you will see a loss of income or perhaps loss of profits from being out of work due to injury off the job.

Long-term disability insurance usually replaces up to about two-thirds of your income if you can no longer do your own job (or any job, depending on the policy terms). The premiums tend to run roughly 1 to 3 percent of your annual income (non employer plan)

Disability Insurance can keep bills paid and payroll running for you or your business. A quote is free. Trust me, when its too late, you would have wished you made the choice.

Click the link below for a great article regarding Disability Insurance.

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