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Certificates of Insurance | 24 Hour Access

Our office has a unique feature for our contractor book of business. When you become a customer with our agency, you have the availability of sending and printing certificates of insurance without calling the staff to do it for you.

Depending on your classification of work, we may approve and or limit the use of adding an AI at your discretion.

Our practice encourages you to provide us with contracts prior to signing so we may determine if your insurance program can accommodate the requests within the contract. Not all Additional Insured endorsements are created equally. Not all policy forms/coverages can meet contract requirements as well. Once we determine that your insurance plan can meet the contract requirements, we will then craft a Master Certificate for that AI only. Printing and sending via fax or email is then permitted through the program.

The goal is to have ease of use and access to your files 24/7 helping you manage your business without hangup from the insurance services.

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