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North America Timber Program

The longest-operating independent program for loggers and logging contractors in the United States, insuring timber fallers and in-woods operations with admitted carriers going back to 1979. We provide underwriting, property and casualty, loss control, claims, and marketing services for appointed agencies in 32 states, including Alaska.


Areas of Expertise

Loggers and logging contractors, mechanized and timber fellers, forestry services, chipping operations, log road builders, reforestation contractors, timber dealers, log yards.


Green Forest

Weight of Logs


The weight of logs makes the risk a lot more dangerous in the event of a collision. Whether you are hauling logs on backroads, main city roads, or the highway, the risk is related to the speed and weight of what you’re hauling. Log Trucks are more prone to accidents compared to other types of trucks which can impact the premium

Logging is Risky

Get the coverage that you need with a local and experienced agency!

Transporting logs is a dangerous job! Our family-owned agency can help ease the burden of searching for coverage. With your budget in mind and the service of our amazing staff, we have contracted with one of the industry's best logging programs.  We want to see you succeed in successfully launching and scaling your company, and our job is to provide you with the right coverage in case of any accidents. We are here by your side during the growth, the claims, the contract reviews, and the audits, and most of all, we hope along the way we make great friends! 

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