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Farm & Agribusiness Insurance

An extensive line of coverages for today's farming operations from Hobby/Gentleman farms to more complex corporate farms to equine services including personal use, boarding and training. With the flexibility to customize an insurance program to specifically fit the needs of our customers. 

Policy Services Overview - Farm & Agribusiness

Are your employees trained on general safety best practices?

  • Weaver Insurance Agency can offer you an agriculture-specific employee safety manual that includes sections on common hazards, such as heat illness, falls, heavy equipment operation and pesticides.

How do your employees stay aware of Agriculture procedures?

  • We can give you access to our library of customizable workplace policies to keep your employees mindful of important agriculture and farming safety practices. These policies cover topics such as permit-required confined spaces, respiratory protection and lockout/tagout procedures.

Does your business comply with federal and state employment laws?

  • Agriculture and farming businesses that fail to comply with federal and state employment laws can face serious fines and penalties. Using our state-specific guides, you can implement workplace policies to remain informed of your responsibilities and stay in compliance with regulations.

ag safety manual image.png

Employee Safety Manual

Access a customizable agriculture and farming safety manual, which features policies concerning farming equipment, environmental safety, vehicle use, OSHA compliance and sexual harassment.

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Provide this customizable handbook to all of your employees to make them aware of important workplace policies, such as employee leave, workplace conduct, company vehicle use and general practices.

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Develop comprehensive safety policies with these templates, which include a variety of relevant materials on topics like ergonomics, fall protection, emergency procedures, ladder safety and heat exposure.

employee cyber training manual.png

Employee Cyber Training Manual

Your employees likely use email and mobile devices on the job, and the first line of defense against growing cyber threats is a well-trained workforce. Use our Employee Cyber Training Manuals to educate your workforce on common threats and mitigation techniques. These guides cover a range of topics, including communications, devices and best practices.

state specific guides image.png

State Specific 

Regulation Guides

Access these state-specific guides to learn more about your compliance obligations and establish workplace safety procedures to protect your employees and your business.

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Succession planning must be done well before you decide to retire in order to avoid risks that lessen your farm’s chances for growth. This article walks you through the process.

Cowboy and his horse on the early mornin


Agribusiness insurance provides protection against basic, broad and special perils for a wide variety of farm risks including:

• Dwellings

• Farm Buildings

• Recreational Vehicles

• Hay

• Machinery and Other Equipment

• Automobiles and Farm Trucks

• Livestock

Dairy Farm


We offer insurance coverage for horses, hogs, poultry, hatcheries, cattle, police and service dogs and more.


Our customized products and services are designed to cover commercial livestock and high-value animals while located on premises or in transit.

Horses In The Stable.jpg


It is a well known fact that equine operations are very unique and can create a variety of property and liability exposures. Chubb Agribusiness offers a broad range of equine insurance products and services, which were created to specifically address the risks of horse owners and boarders. From equine liability to equine property and casualty insurance, we have the flexibility to customize an insurance program to specifically fit the needs of our customers.

The front view of a rider in cowboy chap

Equine Events

Liability coverage is available for individual horse shows, clinics, or equestrian events. Coverage is provided for the actual event days declared and includes days for both setup and takedown. 


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