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Our January 2023 Newsletter

In this issue

  • What is an Independent Insurance Agent Anyway?

  • Cold Runner: Gear to Get in Gear

  • Is Pet Insurance Like Health Insurance?

What is an Independent Insurance Agent Anyway?

You've got insurance. Otherwise, you wouldn't be getting this email (thanks for being a client!).

But what's the difference between an independent agent (Me) and Jake from State Farm (khakis)?

Here is what makes an independent agent (IA) different:

  • Many Companies - Instead of only one company, an IA can use any company they represent to find you the best deal possible.

  • Flexibility - Using many companies means an IA can cover almost anything.

  • Loyalty - As independents, we are loyal to our customers, not a company that can dictate policy or terms.

  • Freedom - Independents are free - able to make the best decisions for our customers and chart our course for the future.

  • Family Agency - When you are with us, you are a part of the family, we take insuring your home, family and business with utmost importance.

Cold Runner: Gear to Get in Gear

Runners can be a lot like postal workers: Neither rain nor sleet nor snow can stop them.

Whether you're one of these adventurous souls or just tired of your super-fit friend nagging you to get outside, the right gear can make all the difference.

Try these tips on for size and get ready to enjoy the wind in your proverbial hair:

  • Glove It Up — Don't let frost bite you on the - fingers.

  • Waterproof Jacket — That thin jacket may look strange, but keeping your layers dry can keep you warm.

  • Leggings — Speaking of layers, these stretchy wonders can help you stay warm and cozy.

  • Face Mask — Don't go complete Darth Vader, but a breathable mask can help your face and lungs avoid the chill.

Being properly armored against the cold can be the key to staying active this time of year.

Happy trails!

Is Pet Insurance Like Health Insurance?

We know how much you love your pets, but does that mean you need pet insurance?

If you're like most people, the idea of pet insurance sounds great, but you're fuzzy on the details.

And that's okay because you have a handy insurance agent to walk you through everything from whisker to tail.

Sniff out these facts to see what pet insurance DOES and DOES NOT cover:

  • Routine Care - Basic exams and pre-existing conditions? SOMETIMES COVERED.

  • Accidents & Injuries - Unexpected health problems? COVERED.

  • Medication - Every day pills and treatments? COVERED.

Double-check any plan before you think of buying it, and know what you're getting before you get a doggie bag full of bills.

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