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Our December 2022 Newsletter

In this issue

  • Top Tree Tips

  • Awful Last Minute Gift Ideas

  • Reinventing Yourself All Over Again

Top Tree Tips

Tree troubles? Leaning limbs? Parched plant? Climbing cats?

Christmas trees are lovely additions for the holidays but can also be a pain to keep.

Don't worry, because we've got the tips and tricks to make your pine tree-mendous, whether it's a massive ceiling-scraper or a humble shelf-topper.

Use the following tricks to keep your holiday green:

  • Recut - Give your new tree a new cut by sawing an inch off the bottom, ensuring a level base, and helping it absorb water.

  • Daily Water - Once a week is a recipe for disaster. Top water daily and keep it clean.

  • Screw Up - Don't break your wrist! Use a power tool to tighten the bolts on your tree.

  • Based - Put a flat base under your tree if wobbly, and layer with an absorbing material underneath to avoid water damage.

Your tree will look better and last longer than ever. Enjoy the ambiance.

Awful Last Minute Gift Ideas

Let's face it. You're in trouble.

Whether you put it off. or just forgot, last-minute shopping is a part of every family's holiday tradition in one way or another.

And some terrible gifts are given every year that should never see the light of day.

Check out these holiday ruiners and avoid them at all (usually cheap) costs:

  • Gift Card - Nothing says "Minimal Effort," the good old-fashioned, check-out line gift card.

  • Pet - No one, and I mean no one, over the age of five wants a new bundle of responsibility from the local animal shelter.

  • Car - If you're buying this last second, you probably got hosed at the dealership.

  • Wedding Ring - Combining two gifts in one and adding the pressure of your surrounding family? Yikes.

With a little thought (and probably the internet), you can avoid these gift gaffes and stay in the "good books" for one more year.

Reinventing Yourself All Over Again

It's that time of year again! The end of the calendar on the wall, a new number to forget when writing something down, and another email from us about promises you won't keep.

But we know your favorite part of the New Year is hearing from us, so we don't want to disappoint.

Try these resolutions on for size - and discard them later without buyers remorse:

  • Retreat! - Start your year off with that retreat time you've wanted to start but couldn't fit in.

  • Got Om? - Try daily meditation and watch your shoulders unknot. Even five minutes a day can be revolutionary.

  • One Thing - Change can be good, but don't try to become someone totally new; start small.

  • Journal - For the small cost of a notebook and a pen, you can get your feelings out in a safe and surprisingly enjoyable way.

Greet the "Near" year with positivity, enthusiasm, and more chores to add to your list. Happy New Year!

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