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Our April Newsletter

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  • Time to Talk Stress - National Stress Awareness Month

  • Flood Insurance! Don't wait any longer!

Time to Talk Stress - National Stress Awareness Month

Are you stressed?

Okay, I'll let you stop laughing. Of course, you are. The past few years have seen us endure tremendous obstacles, some of which continue to this day. No matter how good you've got it, chances are good you're holding some tension somewhere.

Luckily, this month is also National Stress Awareness Month. I know you're aware of stress (especially if you have kids), but we're here to discuss ways to help.

Try these stress-busting strategies:

  • Find your Zen - We don't mean a rock garden. Everyone is different, so find something that works for you: faith, yoga, Stoicism, or even sports (the last may cause more stress depending on your team).

  • Find your Meditation - Not everyone can sit still. Pray, run, hike, or use a guided meditation app.

  • Work it off - Seriously. Working out boosts your endorphins, fights stress, and helps lift your mood.

So, go ahead. Chill a little. You've earned it.

Flood Insurance - Coverages Explained, Mitigation & The Differences

You are fortunate if you have never experienced a flooding event on your property. As the agency owner, I have! 2019; my basement had 2 feet of river water. It caused the complete displacement of my children out of their bedroom and created family stress and weeks of cleanup. We hauled 8 tons of building materials and personal belongings out of the home. The flood water and silt got into EVERYTHING. You think you can save a few items; it's almost nearly impossible. So with that, let me explain why I keep stressing the importance of this coverage. I hope you take this seriously. I do! 1. Coverages - Homeowner Insurance Your homeowners or property coverage is not designed to cover any damage caused by flooding. Seepage is not covered if the source came from flooding. Homeowners insurance is designed to cover water damage from events that happen within the home or water that comes from the sky and enters without touching the ground. 2. Coverages - Flood Insurance Flood Insurance picks up the gap in your homeowner's program. Surface groundwater that enters your dwelling or other structures is a flooding event. Depending on your risk, you can purchase coverage for your buildings, contents, additional living expenses, and increased cost of materials. You have two options for flood insurance: FEMA and the Private Flood Programs. 3. The Differences I have the infographic below to help you understand the differences between the two programs. If you qualify for NCIP Private Program, you will be far better off than if you were insured with FEMA. Let's chat about your risk. If you want the coverage, be sure to call our agency as soon as possible. Flood Moritoriums will go into effect when the area or State starts to see the snow melt. The insurance companies enact this to prevent last-minute purchasing.



FEMA Basement Coverage Explained


What Not Covered By FEMA

Please consult with our agency for your flood insurance protections! 307-655-8001 x 3

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