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Meet Our New Customer Service Specialist, Cheryl Moody!

Meet Our New Customer Service Specialist, Cheryl Moody

We are thrilled to announce our newest addition to the Weaver Insurance Agency team, Cheryl Moody, who joins us as a Customer Service Specialist. With a passion for helping people and a wealth of experience as an Administrative Assistant, we are ready to support our clients with outstanding service and promptness on turnaround time for your requests.

A Background of Excellence

Cheryl brings an impressive background in customer service to our team. She has developed a deep understanding of what it takes to meet and exceed client expectations. Her expertise spans various industry areas, including Education, Local Radio, and Oil and Gas, making her a valuable resource for our clients.

Why Cheryl?

What sets Cheryl apart from the rest is her genuine commitment to making your experience a pleasant one. She believes in building strong, personal connections with clients and ensuring they feel heard and valued. With her background as a paraprofessional, she has the heart for empathy that we find a key asset in our office and industry.

Cheryl is eager to start assisting our clients. She will be deep-diving into training on all of our carrier websites to understand how to assist in making changes, taking payments, and eventually providing quick and easy quotes as your needs arise. She will be the primary contact for all phone calls. We have had difficulty keeping up with the demands of phone calls, and we needed a dedicated person to help with this immense need; Cheryl is the perfect fit! Please give her kindness and patience as she learns about our ever-changing industry. She will be trained in no time!

Join us in Welcoming Cheryl!

We couldn't be happier to have Cheryl on our team, and we're confident that her dedication to excellence in customer service will significantly improve our clients' experiences. Please join us in welcoming Cheryl to Weaver Insurance Agency. Contact her at 307-655-8001 or stop by our office to say hello. Cheryl looks forward to meeting each of you and becoming an integral part of your insurance journey.

Welcome aboard, Cheryl! We're excited about the future and the unparalleled service we'll continue providing our clients with you on our team.

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