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Special Report: Ransomware & Cyber Breach. What you should know!

It is inevitable, the risk is there... Cyber Liability is the must have coverage for any business. Most business owners are not aware that their current General Liability coverage does not cover their exposure to cyber damages. Some major carriers are adding it on as a sub-line coverage when you purchase a Commercial General Liability, but if your carrier does not, your next coverage purchase should be a Cyber Liability Policy. Our office can draft a "what if" scenario for your business that will outline what your total cost will be if you have an intrusion to your customers PII or internal breach to the computer systems causing a business interruption.


We have attached some interesting reports and images for your to read through. For instance, the Breach Notification Law Map. Our customers in Wyoming, South Dakota and surrounding States should be aware of the State laws affecting them.. See a snapshot of surrounding state law:

State Breach Notification Law

Weaver Insurance Agency can provide our customers with the tools they need to prevent and avoid a cyber intrusion. Some of the risk management resources available to our customers:

Risk Management Tools


A complimentary report by Symantec is included below. Please take a moment to read through. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at 307-655-8001.

Download Special Report here

Symantec | 07/17/2016

Ransomware has quickly emerged as one of the most dangerous cyber threats facing both organizations and consumers, with global losses now likely running to hundreds of millions of dollars.

The past 12 months have seen ransomware reach a new level of maturity and menace. Major ransomware gangs are capable of pushing their malware to millions of computers. Users who are hit with ransomware find their valuable data locked with strong, often unbreakable encryption.

The perfection of the ransomware business model has created a gold-rush mentality among attackers, as growing numbers seek to cash in. Infection numbers are trending upwards, with the number of new ransomware families discovered annually reaching an all-time high of 100 in 2015. Today, the average ransom demanded by attackers has jumped to US$679.

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