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Wait! Educate First - Flood Insurance

Flood insurance. Doesn't that term have such a lovely ring to it? For most people, not so much. The idea of having to insure property against flood water is painful. I have a sneaky feeling it is for one, forced upon you by the banks. Second, it is a government program. Third, the general public is not made aware of pro's and con's of the program itself.

That is where I step in!!

Here is the scenario.

Husband & Wife want to buy a home. They search and finally find that perfect home. Nestled up near a creek bed.. they can picture it now, sound of water running while they warm next to the fire during the summer months. Its a beautiful picture. They rush to the realtor, put an offer in.... then.... realtor suggests they speak to an agent about flood insurance.

Optimistically; they walk into the insurance office expecting to hear good news about their dream property. Unfortunately, the private market declined the risk due to the elevation. The FEMA program is so expensive that it is cost prohibitive for their budget.

Now I have two people at my desk who are now down, upset, confused. But... there is hope! After I explain how they can best shop for homes near their preferred creek bed, how they can utilize our agency for quick response to flood zoning, quoting and more, they leave with an educated approach to home shopping and financing.

My goal is to educate. Help the community better understand flood insurance, map rating, zoning, fees and retrofitting. The goal is to get folks into homes that they love and enjoy protecting not only from fire, but the wonderful gift of water.

Please call our agency for your education about flood insurance before you put your offer in. It can make or break the deal, we aim to make the deal work for you.

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