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Health Insurance

How do we support our customers? We provide a full suite of insurance options for you and your family. We have tools to shop the best coverage with the lowest premiums. When you work with our office, you will receive one on one attention year round.


Take a look at some of our health insurance options below.



Short Term Health Coverage

Short Term health insurance, sometimes called Term health insurance or Temporary health insurance, is designed to help bridge gaps in your health care coverage during times of transition.

Jennifer Dafoe

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Jennifer will be with you throughout the year to help you understand and procure coverages that are affordable for your family. 

Jennifer Dafoe, Health Specialist

Weaver Insurance Agency

882 Lincoln Dr., Ste B

Sheridan, WY 82801

(P) 307-655-8001 x 3

(F) 866-230-3071 



Employers | Group Health Coverage

Give your employees the information to choose doctors and care. With a wide network of providers, knowing where to get quality care that’s designed to be affordable can be a challenge. Your employees need easy-to use tools that help them navigate the system and make more informed health care decisions. From finding a doctor to evaluating treatment options and understanding how to influence the cost of care, everyone could use some help. Our office is dedicated to being your support year round for your employees. 

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Coronavirus - Online Health Checker
With our online symptom checker, you can assess your risk for COVID-19 and get treatment options.
Sponsored by:   UnitedHealthCare
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