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Personal Lines - Scope of Practice & Service Agreement

Service: Implementation of Insurance Program(s)

We will advise and implement new and/or renewal insurance and risk management programs for the individual(s) named in this packet. You will receive in this service setup the following but not limited to:

  • We will meet with you to understand your past, current, and future exposures.

  • We will advise coverage based on the representations you have provided and what we have discovered during our meeting.

  • We will procure coverage from our agency partnerships through the available carriers for requested and agreed-upon coverages.

  • We will explain in detail the offers provided by the said marketplace (carriers) of all policy terms, conditions, coverages, exclusions, and all billing/financing/ fee terms.

  • We will review and suggest appropriate risk avoidance to prevent loss when coverage is not provided under your policy.

  • We will provide a copy of all applications at the time of issuance or change of any coverage within a reasonable time from carrier release.

  • We will record and deliver all evidence insurance upon request within 1 business day and within our authority from the insurance carrier.

  • We will do our best to return all calls and emails within 1 business day of receipt unless we are away due to vacation or illness. Our calls and emails will then be monitored for urgent requests only and all others will be returned upon the agent's return to the office. 

  • We will assist you in the claims process, our scope of practice ends on the interpretation of applied coverage once your claim is initiated by you to the carrier or our agency. You will direct all coverage-related questions to your assigned adjuster for clarification and interpretation. We do not have the authority to authorize payments for rental vehicles, towing reimbursements, or any other claim-related payments. We do have the duty to report fraud to the insurance company if it becomes apparent. We will assist with documents and communication to and from your adjuster. When the claim becomes burdensome on you or lengthy with no reprieve, our agency will step in and assist with escalating the claim to upper management of the claims division. 

  • We will request annually or more frequently an update of your exposures and a full policy review. This is to make sure your coverage and budget match your expectations and risk. 

  • At times, we may request an inspection of the property or location to determine the proper coverages for underwriting files. 

  • Underwriting will always have the final approval with your insurance coverage. 

  • Your billing agreement is between you and the insurance company, we can assist in processing payments at the office or if you are on an agency-billed account, we will be in control of invoicing your policy. You will be informed if you are on an agency-billed account and what that entails. 



New Business:

When we issue a new policy for you, policies are issued the same day. Some policy issuances depending on when we receive complete signed applications, documentation, circumstance, carrier, exposure, and or underwriting requirements, could result in delays in processing. We will keep you informed of the process as it progresses.

All new business will require the following to issue coverage:

  • Signed applications by the first-named insured

  • Down Payment

  • Email, Phone, and Correct Mailing address

  • Property inspection via the Internet or at the location 

  • Mortgagee or Lienholder information

Policy Service:

For all service requests received by email, phone, or in person, we require at least 1- 3 business days for the processing of coverages. Most service requests can be completed on the same day unless your request falls after hours or holidays. Any reduction in policy coverages will require the signature of the first-named insured. This can be done via email or wet signature at the office. We can also accept DocuSign forms. 

Annual Renewal:

Depending on the carrier, we receive your renewal documents 60, 45, or 30 days from your renewal date. With your approval and review, we will remarket and or endorse the current policy based on increasing costs of 15% or more, exclusions that may have been implemented, or changes in risk with your exposures. Once the best option for your risk has been received by our office, we will provide you a copy within 30 days from your renewal date. In some instances, it may be later, but we do try our best to give you ample time to review the offer and make payment. Depending on the carrier they typically send all renewal documents in hard copy mailed, please let us know if you prefer email documents.

Cancellation of Policies:

We require written requests to cancel a policy. First-named insureds are required to sign and 
verbal requests will not be allowed. We will send you the appropriate documents for signature or you may stop into the office to cancel.

Terms of Service:

Your service begins at the acceptance of your current policy date and ends with a
signed disengagement letter by either party or cancellation of said policy(s).

Scope & Practice Agreement Signature Required
Do you agree to receiving text, phone calls or emails about services rendered for your policies at our office?
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